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RJGlew - Thank you for the update and pictures. The difference between the SO and SG plants is unreal. I hope you keep your updates coming. I will do the same until my season comes to an end.

Pretty much all my plants are still setting fruit but we have had rainy weather and warm nights not to mention Tomato Russet Mites.

I should be able to taste SunLemon this year and really look forward to trying the others come August/September.

GreatGardens - Prepared to be overwhelmed by the # of tomatoes SunChocola produces. Keep us posted how you like it.
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First flower dates are now starting to come in. One Sunorange F1 was the first Sundee to flower on June 1, 50 days after germination. This was great for me, but nowhere near what Barb saw with her plant (38 days). Sunpeach F1 flowering followed today, 52 days after sprouting (SO took 5 days to germ, SP took 4 days). Only Bloody Butcher and Red Alert F1 flowered ahead of Sunorange. None of my 3 Sungolds have flower buds showing, so it will be a while yet. Last summer my Sungold first flower date was 62 days after germ. so Sunorange (aka "Improved Sungold") has really kicked it in this regard.
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I stopped growing Sungold, because I go to the garden only once every three days. When I arrived, half of the mature Sungol was cracked. When I harvested the rest of the ripe and brought them home, a few more cracked. When I harvested the still not quite mature, it did not improve my taste at home. I do not eat tomatoes in the garden, I do not have time. I go there just to work.
I like the project with the comparison of all Tokyo varieties. I hope Robert will not only be informed about how the tomatoes will taste it, but also assess the cracking of these tomatoes. Maybe he will try some not quite mature to let the ripped at home. I look forvard. This thread will continue to watch.
The video is interesting, though I do not understand the English spoken. I understood the content.
PS.: Robert, The plants are very nice
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