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Default Salt buildup

Originally Posted by mobiledynamics View Post
Tomzhawii. How aften are you flushing. I try to run off whenever I water with plain H20. On the days I'm adding liquid fertz/supplement, I purposely space out my water schedule. I root drench - come back - root drench again, and then give it some H20. --- mainly due to growbag + coarse medium.

I know if I'm not flushing enough when the outside gets white and hard....which did happen to me the 1st year I was using growbags

Interesting read on the meters....I've yet to take it to that scale as a garden hobby.
I now will try to flush every 12-15 days. But that also depends on how many gallons get topped off with plain water.
I read some stuff and started thinking about how much I was feeding and how much I topped off with just water. Thats the reason for getting a ppm meter. It was 2300 in my reservior and even after 15 gallons of water in a 25 gallon container my runoff from my media only dropped 300ppms. Shocking. But it's getting better. I did quit the tiger bloom. It drops the ph way too much and since then seems to have leveled out to average 6 - 6.5. Cal-mag is helping also.
Thanks for reading
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So after a real effort to do my best with these nutrients. I decided to get some facts. I took some tomato leaves to University of Hawaii Ag Diagnostic center. My results were :
N 3.86%, P 0.37%, K 7.15%, Ca 1.14%, Mg 0.89%, Na 0.39%, S 0% , Fe 352 ppm, Mn 47 ppm, Z 173 ppm , Cu 41ppm, B 168 ppm
I did follow ak marks advise by consistantly using cal-mag. The mag came good, the cal came up short.
I am going to try and add cal-mag and bump up the tiger bloom. However, I worry about burning my plants.
Right now , I will continue using F.F. to use up what I bought.
But that might change more sooner than later. Since I use coco coir ,I have noticed top hydro companies adding new nutrient lines dedicated to coco medium. It makes me wonder. I just needed to put my info out there, for anyone interested
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