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He's a fine looking fellow! Does he have a name? Sounds like he has the ideal life there, a territory of his own chock full of food for the taking. What does he do in the winter? Has he made his own rabbit hole someplace or do you have a box for him?

I had a flop eared rabbit once that was supposed to have the run of the house. He was litter box trained, so that wasn't the problem. But his habit of chewing and ripping up carpeting, the back of the sofa, and nipping on the electrical cords put an end to any unsupervised outings. He didn't like to be picked up and held, but when he felt like it, he would jump up in my lap and lick on my neck and face. He turned out to be a she when I took him to the vet to be neutered. I had asked for a male bunny, and in time she had some very male behaviour so I never actually checked all the folds and creases.

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He is Basil. He comes inside of it gets below freezing, that's the only time he gets caged. That's more for my comfort than his, though, he grows a thick coat for winter, and never seems cold. He doesn't like wet yucky winters, but as long as it's not wet, he hangs out and digs in the snow. I got him a nice wood dog house on legs so he never has to sit out in the yucky weather, but he won't go in it. He also has access to the garage. At my last house, he'd have to come in when it got hot, but at this one, he has a hole underground he can retreat to if it gets too hot. For now, he has dug a little pit in the dirt under the tomato plants, he goes there when he's hot.

In the summer, he grazes, and he gets some veggies. In the winter, I throw hay down where the tomato garden is, and he eats it and fertilizes the garden for me. He also gets lettuce and kale and rabbit food pellets in the winter. And apples, can't forget the apples. He's a pretty happy little dude. He had to get neutered at a year old, because he was very territorial. He was ok with me and my big dog, but would terrorize my little dog and my roommate. As soon as that was done, he mellowed right out and hasn't been aggressive since.
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Well, it sounds like Basil is earning his keep. That tomato thing may be retribution for ruining his love life. Anyhow, around here, he would probably make it as a survivor. Y'all take care.
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Originally Posted by bad.kelpie View Post
Yup, if I was that worried about my tomatoes, I'd fence them, or plant them somewhere else.

Sadly, he is not cuddly. I've had him for 6 years, since he was a baby, and I can't even pet him. He's friendly enough, he likes to come hang out with me and follow me around the yard, but the minute I try to touch him, he's gone.

Is he a breed known as a "Broken Rex" or maybe that is just a color pattern ( don't know that much about rabbits other than the usual)?

Does he take food from your hand? Prey animals can react to touch different than predators do.

Had a very young but litter trained broken rex rabbit in my semi (1970's) for almost a month, until I could get home and pass her along to a friend's daughter for an FFA project. At that time, had a dobe, a siamese cat and that bunny in a (thankfully) large walk in sleeper PB truck. The cat and bunny shared a litter box and the cat would get mad as the bunny did not cover up her "stuff", and verbally complain as he would cover the bunny leavings!
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