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Default My Pollinated Cucumbers Are Not Growing and Cucumber Beetle

I have two established cucumber plants that I harvested 2 cucumbers from. I currently have multiple cucumbers that were pollinated for at least a week but are not growing. Why is this happening, could it be heat related? I'm in Georgia and the temperatures have been in the high 80s and low 90s for the past couple of weeks.

This evening I noticed this cute little bug on one of my younger cucumber plants, but then it hit me that it was probably a cucumber beetle - it looked like a ladybug but more yellow-ish than red. The plants have not started flowering. I had DE with me as I was doing my evening inspection and dusting, so I dusted that specific plant along with my other younger cucumber plants - I am kicking myself for not including the cucumber plants when I do my daily walkthroughs.

I planned on transplanting the younger cucumbers this weekend before I made this discovery. My question is are there measures that I can take to eliminate/control the cucumber beetles and their larvae? Note I've only seen this one beetle but I don't want to take the chance that more will come, hopefully the the non-growth issue I noted above

When I do indoor planting I add hydrogen peroxide to deal with larvae, will this work for outdoor plants?

Another thought / idea is adding DE to the planting hole in hopes that it will take care of the larvae, in addition to dusting the parts of the plant that are above ground with DE.

Are these the correct measures?

Should I be doing something else?
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Are they getting lots of water and fertilizer?
As for heat mine are growing fast in 90 to 100 degree heat but pollination has slowed down.
I think it is too hot for the pollen or the bees.
All the beetle is going to do is spread diseases as far as I know.

I cant answer any of your other questions.

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Thanks for your input.

I am definitely keeping them watered and fertilized but I can't say "lots" of water and fertilizer. If necessary I can do more watering and fertilizing, for me that's an easy fix.

I gotta stick up for the bees, I have a couple of guys that show up in the morning and do their thing. Perhaps the heat is stopping the production of female flowers, but the female flowers I have seem to get pollinated. I will try and post a few pictures to see if you concur that the cucumbers got pollinated.

Thanks again.
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mine are suffering from "porpoise nose"
Fat on the ends and skinny at the stem.
In the past this was due to lack of watering,but this year must be from the heat.
The plants get watered every day.
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Cucumber Beetles are yellow and black, striped or spotted variety.
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