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General discussion regarding the techniques and methods used to successfully grow tomato plants in containers.

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Default Does size matter

Does size matter

I've always grown our indet. in 15G single plant and it takes up the whole brim and all.

This year, I'm treating the container as that - simply a container to hold soil that will allow for water and nutrients to be *put* into the container After seeing XYZ post on how ahem, mark, grows doubles in 5G pots (granted he's got it down to a science), this year, half of my containers are doubled up. I'll added 2 extra emitters and will also be ontop of my liquid fertz. schedule.

Be curious what camp do you sit in
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Sounds good. I am in the same camp as well. 2 plants per 15-18 gallon pot with 2 emitters. Both determinate and indeterminate. Good luck..
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One thing you will notice with smaller containers is mistakes. If your watering is off it is a bad deal, if your fertilizer is off you will see that too. Other than that, I found little difference in 5-20 gallon containers. This year I have many in 3 gallon, and they are loaded too.
Good luck
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Wow, 3 gallon containers too.
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Well, professional rockwool cubes are pretty small, and they grow 30feet tomatoes in them. It depends a lot on the automation that you can provide (watering especially but preferably also synthetic fertilization).
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I tried this with peppers in spring of '17 and continued with all plants for '17/18 season.

I stopped putting the loaf on the earthboxes so saved .5 cubic feet of mix. The earthboxes now use 1.5 cu feet vs the previous 2 cu feet. A Promix bale at $45 (including tax) now fills 4.5+ earthboxes vs 3.5.
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