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Old January 5, 2018   #16
oakley's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2015
Location: NewYork 5a
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It is great but I was confused by the home page listing 4 tomatoes
for the northern and four for the southern. I am familiar but those
not familiar would be confused.

I say this because I'm helping a work friend with his NYC deck garden
this 2018 season. He has the Baker'sCreek catalog and has been following
my lead to choose six dwarfs for his recently purchased grow boxes at my
advice. I did not know about your listing project so we used Heritage to study
and choose varieties.

Surprised they do not have any pics of new varieties....not good for a new

Maybe you are restricted by the format being a seller 'format' but I want the
key info right off the bat like this...
And the key info for new growers like me is hard to read. Not new at all to
tomatoes, but new to Dwarfs.

The pics with the slice is fantastic. I really need a good slice when
chasing a variety usually. And as much info as I can get.

If this is sort of a database for all released varieties, it would be
nice to have those of us growing to add pics. Or the format seems
to allow comments I think? 'reviews' is an option.

I also miss that the title is not 'Cross Hemisphere'. Oddly I miss
that distinction.

Just a thought.
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Old January 6, 2018   #17
PhilaGardener's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2014
Location: Near Philadelphia, PA
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Looks great to me too!

The affirmatives are coming in like snowflakes in NoHem!
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Old January 6, 2018   #18
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Join Date: Dec 2010
Location: Middle, TN
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Very easy site to navigate, I like the way it is now. Thanks for all the hard work.

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Old January 6, 2018   #19
UFXEFU's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2015
Location: Gloster, Lousiana 71030 Zone 8a
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If it isn’t broke don’t fix it!!! I like the current page.
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Old January 6, 2018   #20
bower's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2012
Location: Newfoundland, Canada
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The site is fantastic! Love having so many ways to browse.

For myself, I especially liked the format for varieties by color. Just being able to get so much information on one page, it was amazing. Also love the detail you provided in the descriptions, including taste. So many tomato descriptions just say they taste "wonderful" or whatever, without explaining this one is tangy this one is intense etc. Also the pictures were large enough for me to see them, in spite of the more compact format. You chose your sizing really well! The second format for tomatoes by hemisphere was also very nice. Pix a bit larger and probably more ideal for browsing with a smaller screen.

It is also nice to have the option of clicking through to see one tomato on its page, with the big photo, but for my browser the extra clicking back and forth takes up a lot of time - this is often the standard format on seed selling sites where you must go to a specific page to get the full info on the variety. Your pages loaded quickly though, where many of these seed sites it can take me quite a while to click back and forth.

On the main page, I loved the multi fruit picture. I was confused at first, like Oakley, that you only showed four tomatoes under each hemisphere. I already knew there were many more, but a person with no previous knowledge might think there were just those few available. Well, I just visited again to take another look, and "View all S hemisphere varieties" links popped up that completely answers that question. Also the "View all varieties" link on the multi fruit picture. So it's really obvious with these links, how the reader can get the most from the fewest clicks.

Fantastic job on the webpage, and a treat to read about all the fruit from the project!
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Old January 6, 2018   #21
Nan_PA_6b's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2016
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
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Looking good! A couple comments:

1. The "Varieties" pulldown: the word "varieties" does not describe what you find when you click it. People wanting to browse by color don't initially know that's where to click. "Varieties by Color" or even just "By Color" would be clearer.

2. The first thing I want to do once you've sold me on a variety is go and buy it! Having a "Where to buy it" link would be optimal. Otherwise I predict you'll get a ton of emails saying "Where can I buy...?"

3. On the very first page, it's confusing to see just a couple of varieties shown. It makes me think there aren't going to be many. If the button said "View all Northern Hemisphere varieties (56 varieties)", it would be better.

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Old January 6, 2018   #22
Medbury Gardens
Medbury Gardens's Avatar
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Location: Medbury, New Zealand
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I like the idea of having North and South Hemispheres sections now that the sharing of seeds has been restricted and then maybe within the South Hemisphere we have a Australia and New Zealand sub group??, seeing the Tasman sea has now also become a barrier, i do plan to keep expanding the dwarf crosses here once i can get some stable varieties from Rangi cross.

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Old January 6, 2018   #23
Cross Hemisphere Dwarf Project™ Moderator
Patrina_Pepperina's Avatar
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Location: New South Wales, Australia
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Thanks to all the people who have provided feedback! So far it seems people like having options for browsing rather than just one way. I really appreciate your opinions and have made a few little changes, as much as I can at present in my struggle to actually DO this stuff... it's been an extremely stressful exercise to build a new website, not something I'd want to do again that's for sure!

Definitely trying to keep it fairly simple so hopefully it will be relatively easy to update

Truth is colourful, not just black and white. PP: 2005
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Old January 12, 2018   #24
RobinB's Avatar
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Location: Near Reno, NV
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I really like what you've done. I agree with the comment above regarding "varieties" as a heading. I like "Varieties by color". Of course, pretty soon you will have to add a Cherry category. They're coming!
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Old January 12, 2018   #25
Join Date: Feb 2017
Location: NJ
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The site looks great. Keep it as is. Since many of the varieties (at least 38) are not available in the southern hemisphere, the listing should be segregated.

Last edited by nyrfan; January 12, 2018 at 09:34 PM.
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Old February 18, 2018   #26
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Location: Adelaide Australia
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Originally Posted by Patrina_Pepperina View Post
Hi everyone

I'm looking for your opinion on the way varieties are presented on the new Dwarf Tomato Project website please. The old website was destroyed last year so I've been working on a new one.

1. Home page Do you prefer the way varieties appear on the home page? You can click on the headings for North and South Hemispheres and "Read More" to see individual varieties in more detail.

2. Or do you prefer the way that varieties are presented in the drop down colour arrangements under the "Varieties" menu?

I'm guessing it might come down to how you prefer to browse, and so I'm hoping to find out what the majority of gardeners think who may not necessarily be directly involved with the project, but of course EVERYONE is invited to give their vote!

Thanks Tomatovillians!

I used it recently and found it very user friendly. Can't see any reason to change it.
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Old February 18, 2018   #27
Join Date: May 2014
Location: The Texas Hill Country
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I would like to be able to sort by size, days to maturity, & productivity in addition to color.
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Old April 10, 2018   #28
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Location: Melbourne Australia
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Just a suggestion but , is it possible to put an icon next to identify
those varieties that are known to be more container friendly than others?
Otherwise new site looks good. Welcome back
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