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Sounds like Burgess in Bloomington, IL (and the 5 other catalog companies they send catalogs under) slow ship, poor service, high shipping....
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Rajun Gardener
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I forgot about Ronniger Potato Farm LLC, they have a good collection and you can order now to have it shipped at a later date.
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Salsacharley, there was a time when Gurney's had a top reputation. But that was many years ago and they are risky at best. Check out Dave's Garden "Garden Watchdog" which has all kinds of reviews and decide for yourself. I personally will never order from them again. I ordered 3 Primrose Lilac trees, waited years for them to bloom, just to have them be the ordinary lilacs. A magnolia tree arrived as a stick but did flourish and bloomed for the first time 15 years later! There are many better places to go. You get what you pay for!! Here is the link for Garden Watchdog "Gurney's'.

I have gotten potatoes from Ronninger Potato Farm and The Maine Lady. Both have been excellent but don't know if they ship to Washington.
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Originally Posted by Salsacharley View Post
Reverse sticker shock...I just got a Gurney's catalog and everything in the whole catalog is 50% off. I've never used Gurneys so I don't know why the sent me a catalog. They have some cool trees.

The tree pictures do look nice, don't they. The ones they may eventually get around to sending you, if they don't tell you many months later that they're out of stock...
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Happened to be in a discount store yesterday and noticed the first display of Bonnie seed packs, discounted 40% or 50%. But they were much more expensive than last year, around $3 and up for a small pack, and contained half as many seeds. What a crooked deal, thank goodness I grow mostly OP, and we have this forum.
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Seeds usually hit my Menard's store as soon as they remove the Christmas merchandise, where they sit and gather dust for 3-4 months, until it is time to plant.
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I did see Burpee seeds for $1.49 at Lowes, but wasn't much in term of heirloom

For regular vegetable seeds, ---------and I know this is going to be controversial because there is a big thread bashing this gardener because of his supposed '87yo' tomato seeds---------, I now only buy from MiGardener. His seeds are good quality and very generous amount all for 99cents. You get double amount of seeds compared to a regular package.

Can't help with regular potatoes, but for sweet potatoes there is Sandhill Preservation Center with reasonable pricing, but you have to order by mail.

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I buy almost all my veg seed from Fedco. They have some of the best seed quality. And they are cheaper for almost everything. Plus I like the option to buy bulk. I don't want a tiny packet of sugar snap peas for instance. I buy by the pound for my kids.

I never buy Burpee. Their prices are obscene.
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