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"Plant sellers often don't get rewarded with higher prices when they buy expensive seed. Hybrid seed might be 100x more expensive than OP, but the market price of a flat of plants is still the same. That's another reason I try to sell individual plants instead of selling them by the flat. I can spend 10-20 cents on one seed and make it back by selling a $2 plant. Flats of 48-72 plants only bring $10-15, which doesn't pay for expensive seed."
That is the truth. I spend a boat load of $$ on seed for every season. I spent about 300.00 on the clearance rack at a seed supplier just after labor day for next year already. some of it wasn't cheaper.. like the "paydirt" corn. I still spent 25.00 a pound on it. and I still have many more $$ to spend on seeds yet.
carolyn k
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