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Default University trials and results

I have wanted to start a thread for awhile here so that hopefully somebody using google to find university trials for any vegetable could find this thread and save themselves lots of research. I find myself researching university trials all the time, especially in my region and have found the results translate very well to the actual experience growing them, which is great for market growers. Please include any trials you know of that arent included here.

What I would like to see is links provided to research trials with a header like
Northern growers cucumber variety trials: link to trial
Southern growers tomato trials: link...etc

This should make it easy for everyone here to quickly search for any needed info as well as it showing up on google. Of course include any personal experiences growing said trialed varieties and/or links to buy that variety if you'd like. I will start with cukes as I have been ordering my seed for next year and reading tons of info.

Cucumber trials~

Northern high tunnel trial 2013:

Article about best varieties in Michigan:

From Link: There have been improvements to the consistency of varieties over the last decade, and the most consistent and common seedless varieties grown in Michigan are NQ5543, NUN53014 and V5016 from Bayer (formerly Nunhems), and Gershwin, Stravinsky and Puccini from Rijk Zwaan.

Cornell University article on high tunnel cuke growing:

Cornell 2012 cuke high tunnel trial:

*Very good info for Southern growers
Eastern Sustainable Organic Cucurbit (melon/squash/cukes) Project trial 2014-15

I will continue to add and y'all please do the same. Thanks!
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Thanks for starting this great resource!
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southeast trial info is great. Thanks. Sarah's choice has been the best cantaloupe for me this year. Med large fruit. Got it at organic garden store as a plant.
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