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Originally Posted by ContainerTed View Post
Thanks for the kind words. This soil will grow anything and do it quickly, but it is so dry that Governor Haslam has a burn ban in place till December 15th. No one can remember when that kind of ban was ever put in place.

I've lost a lot of the grass in the yard - about 30%. On a positive note, I haven't had to mow the grass nor break out the weed eater. And, I've been out at the lake walking along the edges and have found a lot of stuff people drop off boats - glasses, hemostats, tools, boat motors, anchors, rods and reels, and a bunch of artificial lures that don't float. I'll be going out to some of the marinas with my metal detector and see what has fallen off the walkways. It gets me out of the house.

They're saying we have "a chance of a shower or two Friday or Saturday, but it will be hit of miss". The long range forecast doesn't have any hope in it, either. The county takes water from Norris Lake for our drinking water. I've heard that the intake pipes are only about a half dozen feet from being exposed. That would shut down three or four entire counties.

My apologies to the folks in the coastal areas, but we need something on the scale of a hurricane to park here for a week or so.
Hope you get the much needed rain, but over some time as the ground may be too dry to accept it. That's what happened here.

We were so far down on our drinking water lake that it was at only 17 % left - really scary looking to see boat ramps any where from 40 to 50 feet off the ramps. We had such a long drought, brush was growing up in the margins where the water had drawn back.

Did get rain= almost filled the lake to over capacity in a week; the ground water took much longer to get better, still down a ways yet. And people flooded all over the place with that much water coming in so fast.

So, here's hoping it gets better for everyone in the drought areas, but more slowly than it happened here. We are needing a few good years of "normal" amounts of rain still to get the ground water back.
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