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Originally Posted by I
Anyone tried to buy Greek Columnar Basil?

Even at the best Nurseries locally I just get a blank stare.

Originally Posted by Sue
Nichols Garden Nursery on the west coast sells the columnar Greek basil plants for the folks on this side.
I checked Nichols and it worked out to $15.50 for a plant with S&H .
DW dragged me down to the local nursery for some spinach starts Tuesday. They didn’t have any but they had just gotten in some Greek Columnar Basil so I snapped one up. It was only $2.99 for a good-sized plant.(Navlet’s if you’re looking for some locally.) Maybe fall is the best time to look for it. I’ll put it in a protected spot and hope to have fresh Basil all winter!

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I bought mine at 3.50 for a plant and for 1 plant shipping is 4.95. Of course 2 plants is 5.73 to ship etc.
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found 3 plants at home depot on sale. just made some pesto and it was awesome! this is a tasty variety

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it is a great variety. i sell quite a few at my farmer's markets. i have one plant that is either 6 or 7 years old at this point- i lost track.
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