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Originally Posted by Redbaron View Post
Brilliant! How many bison roam through each year?
They only have 16 bison.
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Originally Posted by Redbaron View Post
Yep that sums up part of it. Definitely. But the idea for the proof of concept it to prove it is scale-able. That's been part of the red baron project since I started it 5 years ago here at Tville.

I actually know how to ramp up the yields and profits with high input high intensity organic methods on my little 1/2 acre and 1/10th acre test plots. I could do that too. But nothing special there because those horticultural techniques are decidedly NOT scale-able. So I have not added a thing that actual farmers can use, only gardeners. To make it scale-able requires a whole new way of thinking. I think I have that solution, but without a proof of concept, it is just ideas floating around in my head. There is nothing a farmer can take to the bank. Which is precisely why I can't take it to the bank either BTW
Anyone that was around 5 years ago surely remembers that you and I butted heads more than once on your RB Project not being scale-able. I’m glad to see you have realized that and that you are rethinking things.

Many of the things you are talking about in your article are being used with great success in the large scale farming world. So you’re on the right track.

As you are learning, changing things is hard on the farm. Not because farmers are stubborn, but because it takes a lot of money to change your equipment out. Like it or not, farms require a lot of upfront money and some of the best ideas get shelved because the money is not there for experimenting.

As always, I wish you the best of luck. Keep experimenting, keep thinking, and keep researching.
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