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Default Flower Plans Spring 2018 Who else is in..

Each year for the Farmers Market, I do a few flowers. This year, after doing a lot of reading on here, and else where, I have decided to up my offerings.

Also, hoping for the first time to have Flowers ready for the Mothers Day folks.

So my plan involves Sunny Smile Dwarf Sunflowers, Thumbelina Dwarf Zinnias, and Strawberry Blonde Marigolds (which I first saw here). Also, would like to get back to doing the Wave Petunia Baskets, that I have done previously.

I need to look into a fertilizer plan to keep these looking there best. So im all ears for recommendations. I have used liquid fertilizers in the past with so-so results. Maybe a granular slo-release in combination would be better?

With all that being said, the dwarf flowers will go in 5 inch Azalea Pots that my wholesaler offers. Waves will of course be in hanging baskets.

My plan is to start seeds on Feb 15 for Mothers Day, and then another possible sowing later on.. Looks like I need about 60 or so days until bloom, trying to hedge my bets.

Anyone else considering their options?
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