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There's a great old mousetrap design that works really well for mice, maybe ideal for shrews and voles as well since they're the tunnel type rodent...

Mousetrap reviews by Shawn Woods on youtube are amazing. He has an endless supply of rodents on his farm and yes, we get to see the traps tested.
So here is a video where he tests a 3D printed version of the old Mascall trap in the barn. The rodent goes into the hole to get bait and wham. One after another until it's full up.

And here is one where he shows step by step how to build a NINE hole Mascall, so you can catch nine in a night.
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I have been baiting snap traps at every tunnel exit/entrance I find. I put a little soil over the base of the trap so the surface is the "same" and wham. dead!

editing one hour or so later...
took a break from getting Dinner ready for company tonight to go to the greenhouses and high tunnels to check everything over then I went around on trap patrol....
another dead SHREW! same side of the high tunnel, too. thats 4 from there... all within a 10' section of runs. solitary my foot. and what eats them by the way? I shoved one in a tunnel run by the blueberries and set a trap there only to find the shrew gone. gone gone gone.!!! I tossed the next one outside the tunnel yesterday... it is gone, too. As I pulled the last one out of the tunnel a little bit ago the entire back end of it was gnawed on. would another shrew do that? I shoved it back in the tunnel entrance and re set the trap back the other direction.
carolyn k

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