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Old July 10, 2008   #16
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Wow. That sounds like fun. I didn't put a garden in this year. I moved into my new house last July (but i had tomatoes planted at my "old" house last year).

DH built a couple of beds here in the new house, but we never filled them with soil. We went on vacation on April 19-25. The plan was to fill the beds and plant the tomatoes the weekend of our return. I could not plant them sooner 'cause i did not have anyone to water the plants.

Well 3 days before our vacation, the rattlesnake "incident" happened. DH had been watering some flower plants in the front yard...To his dismay there was a rattlesnake coiled up about a 1-1.5" away from his arm (and the water faucet)...Definitely within striking distance. To make a long story short an pair of neighbors we never met before killed the snake for us.

When I arrived back from holiday, I wanted nothing to do with my garden...Even the container flowers. The tomatoes and other veggies never got planted.

I kind of regret letting the snake freak me out so much...But it did. I will definitely put out some plants next year.

To make a long story short, no I will not have tomatoes to share this year, but I would love to attend Norcatt.


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Old July 10, 2008   #17
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Please let it be the 10th! I'm going to be away the next two weekends and would not make it. Ray, are you not available on the 10th? I would really like to be there this time.

Cheers, Annie
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Old July 10, 2008   #18
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I'm with you, Annie! I'm around on the 10th, but away the next two weekends and I'd love to come this year. At the rate things are growing I may not have many tomatoes to bring but I can bring other pot luck type stuff.
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Old July 16, 2008   #19
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O.K. I am going with the 10th.

Sunday August 10th. Make room on your calendar.

Ray, are you available.
I will PM you my phone #.

More details to follow so just make time and plan on coming.
Brad Gates-Wild Boar Farms
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