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Default Giale Nostrale - saving seeds?

I need advice on how to save seeds of my Giale Nostrale, a vining squash. Very kind people on here help procure the seeds for me a long time ago and what I have planted this year is the last of them. This variety does not do well in my garden but I feel responsible for making sure it gets out there and perhaps thriving somewhere else so its not lost forever - I hope many of you will take this up when I offer the seeds here

My understanding is to leave the fruit on the vine until it turns brown? Can anyone confirm this? Its already humongous...

Subirrigated Container gardening (RGGS) in NY, Zone 7!
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I will be looking forward to take you up on the offer. I planted the last of my seeds last year and produced one good squash. The seeds came from Salt. My season is not long enough to produce seeds to share tho.
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Default Seed Offer

Will follow this. I have a nice trellis made from a cattle panel. All I need next year is the vining plants.
I am interested in keeping it going.
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Luigiwu, yes, I left them on the vine until they turned fully brown. I also let them grow as big as they would get.
Salt, AlittleSalt, Robert
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I will also will watch for your seeds. I have long enough season.
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