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Default Multiplying garlic with Bulbils.

Is planting bulbils as simple as harvesting the seedpod from the scape,then letting the seedpod dry a little and then replanting in mid to late Sept? I may use potting soil in those tote/storage containers like I did last season.I got some of bjbebs unknown hardnecks and I want to multiply my numbers so I don't lose this variety.

I'm also on the hunt for another variety.Something with some serious heat,and that keeps well.I have been looking around some,and was drawn to Turkish Red Giant,but am open to other suggestions if anyone has an opinion to share.I liked the Spanish Roja I had some time back,but they did not do well for me last year in this wet location.I will be moving to an environment that is colder in the winter,but less wet,so I am hoping that will aid my success.

I soiled my plants.

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