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Originally Posted by PaulF View Post
The Diva that my wife grows and has grown for a couple of years has been the best tasting and most productive she has ever grown. And that variety stayed sweet and crisp right up to frost.

Yes Diva has been our favorite too, even for pickles,stays crisp better than any other kind that we've tried.
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My favorites are Beit Alpha, Shintokiwa, Telegraph Improved and Miniature White (for containers). I grow outdoors, in the ground and a few patio containers and don't have time to fuss over plants more than helping the occasional vine onto the trellis. I prefer thin skins that don't need peeling. I try about 6-8 slicing cucumbers and about the same amount of pickling each year and for slicers these are so far the most dependable and delicious for me. I don't usually spend the money on hybrids since the few times I have they didn't impress me. They always seem like they want to be babied in a greenhouse or something, the vigor just isn't there in my experience, and since I am usually happy with flavor and production of the OPs I am not really motivated to keep trying the hybrids.
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We've always grown Marketmore and Beit Alpha. Those are both really good.

This year we're going to try Silver Slicer. I haven't grown a white cucumber before but it's supposed to have a great taste and to never get bitter. It's a cross between Marketmore and Boothby's Blonde and is said to have the taste of the Boothby's Blonde and the disease resistance of the Marketmore.
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Originally Posted by barbamWY View Post
I like Sweet Success. The seeds are expensive. They stay sweet and are tasty.

I agree about sweet success being a great cucumber. I also agree about it being expensive. Because it is also a gynoecious variety, it is super productive of very large, tasty fruit.
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I'm not much of a cucumber eater, but I did grow Dragon's Egg cucumber the past couple of seasons, in a raised bed with a trellis to climb. Highly productive over a long period, and not bitter even when picked a bit late. As the name implies it is a white cucumber, and quite attractive. I'd grow it again, over green cucumbers.
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Sweet Slice and Sassy, both F1. Use both for pickles but S.Slice is best for fresh eating.
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Dark Rumor
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Default 2022 Cucumbers

I read this thread and added the following to my grow list:
Sweet Success - very early, each vine had 4 to 6 large cucumbers, taste was good, the vines with large cucmbers hanging in the air were really impressive
Sweet Slice - very productive, good size, held up ok in the refrigerator and taste was very good
Diva - productive, smaller size, I did not like the taste, mine were bitter

I also grow muncher each year, this year they have not produced for me and Tender Green did not produce many.

All in all I am very pleased with the cucmbers, they were great with my early tomatoes, I have a second round coming soon.

Below is sweet success cucumbers
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File Type: jpg sweet success cucumbers.jpg (224.8 KB, 47 views)
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