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Default Melon Review

It was a great year for melons.


Hearts of Gold - Always good. I guess they average 4 or 5 pounds. Been growing these for years and they never fail. Productive

Anne Arundell - Green flesh and big. They average 7 or 8 pounds which surprised me I never saw a weight for them. They taste great and very productive

Piel De Sapo - Takes a long time to get ripe, but worth the wait. I only averaged 2 per plant which was easy to count because I picked most of them on Sept. 1st. Harvested a few more a few days later and even found one while digging sweet potatoes a couple of days ago. It looks good and I still have 3 left so they really are long keepers with no sacrifice in taste. White flesh with faint orange in the center, very faint. They smell like vanilla or some kinda spice when vine ripened. The taste is fantastic but different from other melons. A must grow for me from now on. The weight went from 5 to 9 pounds.


Sugar Baby - Been growing for a few years. Productive, tastes good and seedy Good keeper

Black Tail Mountain - Similar to Sugar Baby but earlier and a maybe a little less seeds. Will grow both
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Hello Seaeagle

I am glad your Watermelons were not Affected by the hot temperatures this year.
My Moon and Stars did OK too; it took a longer time to Ripen. But My Grandkids loved them. They also a a longer Shelf Life.

Praying for World Peace Amen!!
May God Bless you and my Garden, Amen
MrsJustice as Farmer Joyce Beggs
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