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Originally Posted by Ken B View Post
... and our Florida grower said the online folks that she'd originally gotten Everglades from seem to no longer be active. So, no easy way to tell if that strain is different from other Everglades strains offered online.

(But, if it does well in our trials, chances are good we'll have it in the SESE catalog in a few years!)
Ken, I think you might consider a PINK one labeled as red,it's called

And it's great and I have a full history on that one and how Ted Darnowski found it and he didn't know how to save seeds,so sent me fruits instead,double bagged, fruits smushed open when I got them,and they were just fine.

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Ken B
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Bumping the thread to say that we should be having another one this summer, on a Saturday afternoon, probably late August -- will update later this summer when we know more!
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Ken B:

I was out last year and had a great time. Would recommend it to anyone. The tours and tastings were terrific.

I picked up seeds for Aunt Lou's Underground Railroad, Barnes Mountain Orange and Pink, Brimmer, Costoluto Fiorentino and Georgia Streak - they are growing great!

I also bought some Appalachian Red garlic - when do you usually harvest yours?

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Ken B
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I don't think we've got any Appalachian Red planted on our own farm this year -- this year we're giving our soil a break from garlic, and "only" doing Egyptian Walking Onions and Perennial Leeks and some other perennial alliums.

Garlic harvests vary by date from year to year with the weather, they're usually spread out during June for us, depending on variety. Generally the most reliable harvest indicator for us is to go and harvest bulbs once the plants are down to only 5 green leaves (or less, if we don't catch them before this).
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