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The NuMex 6-4 pepper types are a little milder than Big Jim and Aneheim types. Michael (mdvpc) who is familiar with Hatch peppers and has made several posts about them here at Tomatoville, said the NuMex 6-4 pepper types are the ones typically used to make Roasted Hatch Peppers.
More on 6-4 peppers at this link;
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This is HatchBigJim medium hot. I saved a ton of seed last Fall and had very good
germination. We shall see if i get a good crop.
I've had horrid luck with peppers due to my climate and growing conditions. Gave up
years ago. Trying them this years at another location 6a instead of mountaintop 5a
where my main garden is.

I should have offered seed after the germination test but someone here did not think
they would grow true or may not but i've read otherwise. We shall see. I wish i had
sent out seeds as i fear aphids. I've had a bit of a battle so far but seems under control

Like Worth and others, i can get a good variety of poblanos and other peppers hot and
sweet very cheap at the InternationalMarkets here. I've got ten or so varieties started
from seed. Fingers crossed.

I smoke/roast big batches with tomatillos for salsa. Freeze in quarts and add to things
all winter.
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I'm growing Anchos as well...I think I have 6-7 plants
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You cant grow an Ancho you have to make them.
I dont care what name someone puts on a fresh poblano.

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Several varieties of what we call green cnile are grown in the Hatch valley and surrounding areas of New Mexico. Big Jim is the largest and thus favored for making rellanos and is on the milder side but usually somewhat hotter than Anaheims. These varieties can be grown anywhere but can only be called Hatch if grown in the Hatch-Las Cruces area. Many times peppers from other areas are misrepresented as being Hatch chiles so local growers have more or less trademarked the name. I know trademerked is not the right term but thats the general idea.
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I'm growing 2 Poblanos this year. 1 is "Gigantea" from SSE and another is an unknown variety I got via trade here, that someone has grown for a number of years.
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