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Default Modern hybrids benefit less from beneficials

Another article found at regarding beneficial soil organisms:
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Originally Posted by Iochroma View Post
Modern hybrids benefit less from beneficials:Another article found at regarding beneficial soil organisms:

I'm afraid you have misunderstood the article. It did not say modern hybrids, it said modern domesticated tomatoes (which includes heirlooms). The older and more wild genetics you get basically the more in tune with the microbiome tomatoes have.

Hybrid tomatoes aren't necessarily bad just because they are hybrids. Modern domesticated tomatoes have just gone through so many bottle-necks and severe inbreeding depression that they have lost the ability to grow well in general, which is why tomato diseases are rampant around the world. The whole tomato industry is basically a giant mono-culture more or less except for a few minor color or flavor differences. But they are basically the same to the fungi and bug pests.
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The same would hold true if any wild vs. domesticated plant were to be compared. And the differences in edibility would also be the same. Inedible compared to flavorful; the ability to be in one with soil organisms vs. struggle to grow...that's how we survived getting out of the hunter/gatherer stage and I am glad we did. I'll take another BLT if you please.
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