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Default no reply, but newb guestion(s)

I am new to this, only my third year trying to grow tomatos. what is the (f), RL, PL references that I am seeing a lot of here. Also, I am new to the site. Any and all help, advice will be apperciated. Again, being new to this, I have only planted what is available at lowe's, feed n seed. Most of the varities are Marion, Rutgers, Park Woppers, and Better Boys. I have only been successful one year, my first, (beginners luck) I guess. I would like to plant different varities, yet have no avenue to get them. I read here that most people are planting more and different varities than I am. Can anyone make some suggestions. Thanks in advance. Also, thanks for a wonderful site.

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Welcome to TV

RL = regular leaf. PL = potato leaf. grow out: growing many seeds of a particular variety to get a "seed crop" or when developing a new variety, growing many seeds to get all the genetic variations so you may keep the traits you like and weed out the rest. this is done over many generations.

im new too but if you cant find it here you cant find it anywhere.
many here know much more so i will get out of the way.

best of luck

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Welcome Patrick, I believe Dave covered most of your questions. And as Dave stated if you can't find the answer here it doesn't exist.
My name is Rodger Winn and I host the SC Tomato tasting SPLATT. I live in the central piedmont area of SC in Little Mountain. I also have a greenhouse buisiness where I grow Heirloom tomatoes and other vegetable plants for Wholesale to local nurseries and retail at the State farmers Markets Plant and flower shows in April. So come check me out this spring . There are also numerous trades for seeds or purchase seeds through one of the many tomato seed companies listed in the top of the forum and Darrel Jones of Selected plants is a great mail order source for tomato plants. Again welcome, I am not a big poster only when I get the erge but I do follow the topics. Your alway welcome to privately e-mail me if you have any questions and look forward to seeing you at next years tomato tasting. Rodger
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