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Default Starting Beets Indoors About Now

My experiment starting beets indoors in egg containers.. not great results. Only a few germinated and they didn't get into the light soon enough. I have a tray of stems going all over the place. Time to start over.

I tried to search for an old thread about using dixie cups. I can't remember if the thread is beets or peas, but I plan to start both anyway. I would appreciate any tips or a resurrection of the original post.

I looked on youtube but kept coming back to videos from one "influencer". Too much of a good thing.

- Lisa
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Black Krim
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Im interested in this process too.
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I've read that soaking beet seeds in water for 1-2 days can help with germination. I have seeds for a fall crop, I just don't know if I'll have room for them.

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I have always sown beets directly. I am interested.
Salt, AlittleSalt, Robert
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I start a bunch in a pot and then transplant them into individual 1" plugs for growing on until it's time to transplant them in the garden. It works pretty well, especially with the golden types that seem to have a tough time germinating in my away-from-home garden.
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I have always had better luck just direct sowing. Beets are one of the first seeds put in the garden and they continue until frost...and even after. I must not be patient enough or something. My beet seedlings never seemed to make it when I tried them indoors.
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