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Default whats coming in now.

we are getting lots of sugar snap peas. wife is happy.

i just picked some mrs. martins heirloom, a green bush bean with a hint of purple
streaking on some of the beans.

also picked some bush romano seeds. i either got them from seeds from italy or as a swap, not sure which.

uncle steve italian pole bean is starting to load up. i should be able to start picking within a week.

none of my yellow beans came up bush or pole except three seeds of marengo.
two plants died shortly after transplanting. the surviving plant has eight beans on it
that i will be saving for seed.
i wonder if yellow bean seeds have a shorter shelf life than green beans.

aerons purple pod runner bean is producing pods. i am saving most of them for seed
to augment the seeds supply, and maybe share them around. humming birds like the blossoms.

early idaho, and provider were planted to replace the yellow beans. they are at flowering stage.

thats it from here.

don't abort. we'll adopt.
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