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Default What is a good GREEN compact zuke or summer squash?

Last year I grew a yellow Zuke that was good but the skin became very tough later in the season.

This year I want a bush green zucchini. What do you recommend?

Want a good producer that is compact and a good producer. Also where do you buy the seed? I am confused as all get out when I go online window shopping. So many different kinds with conflicting reviews.

I just want a yummy green Zuke that doesn't climb and will provide enough to give some to needy neighbors as well as feeling my skillet.
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Ronde de Nice stays pretty compact. It's not a huge sprawler.
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Default What is a good GREEN compact zuke or summer squash?

Look at Cocozelle and Striata D'Italia if you want heirlooms. If a hybrid is acceptable, then Green Tiger.

They are all Bush varieties and the zucchini they produce are very similar -- nutty/sweet taste and thin skin. You just need to pick them when they are the size you want as all three will produce monster zucchini if left a few extra days.

All three, as well as Ronde De Nice, are available from Pinetree -

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I like both Cocozelle and Ronde de Nice. I like the Round of Parma, too, which is shaped like Ronde de Nice but darker green. Sometimes Baker Creek has that one but I don't think so this year. Seeds from Italy, I think it's, has them, I believe.
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The most compact I've found is Raven zucchini; Midnight Lightning is also excellent & only a slightly larger bush.
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