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And yet another suggestion hopefully helping to solve this issue.

Above I had posted that I had received an electronic issue, but I didn't read it b/c it was too difficult to go from page to page, etc.

Today I received the Heritage Farm Companion,a paper copy.

On the back, my address was correct as well as my member # Current expiration date,none, since I am a Lifetime SSE member,so that was correct.

I then looked on the back at the top right and here's what I saw.





PERMIT #909.

Now SSE is based in Decorah, IA

And who do we know who is based in WI?

That's right, Aaron Whaley, son of Kent Whealy.

I also remember that SSE wanted to put up a message site and that no one at SSE had any experience at all, so they went to a nearby college, let me check that out to be sure it was Luther College

Yes, it was Luther College, now much bigger than it was way back

And hired a Faculty member with expertise in computers and databases, part time.

It was an absolute disaster from the get go,yes,he knew the technical side but didn't know about gardening at all. Not good.He would correct spellings of eggplant, broccoli, you name it and he was gently asked to go back to Luther college.

Summary, from what I posted near the top?

Aaron hired employees who knew what they were doing, thank heavens,and paid them well as far as I know. And from what I posted earlier about the equipment necessary to automatically put the right # of seeds in a pack, seal that pack, etc, I'm even more convinced that what some who have posted here about SSE varieties found in seed racks came from Aaron's company in WI.

As always, feel free to disagree, and if you disagree what please share your reason(s) for doing so.

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