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Brent M
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Default Vertical Potato & Sweet Potato Tower

i all. I've had limited success with container potatoes. In fact, I'm really new at it. In my greenhouse, I've had successes (and failures) growing all kinds of veggies in containers for 2 years now. Before that, outside in containers. Before that, traditional gardening. I started vertical gardening with some of the containers in the greenhouse, to save space, and had some success and failure there as well making adjustments as I go. Ok, enough of the background. What I've done is create a potato tower, attempting to grow potatoes and sweet potatoes, vertically. I have 40 containers in a 2' x 10' space--24 potatoes and 16 sweets. I'd welcome any feedback based on your experience with container-grown potatoes. And, the reason is because I've just completed it and can make adjustments now if needed. I don't mind feedback here or on the YouTube channel. Thank you.

Here's the video:


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