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Originally Posted by Nan_PA_6b View Post
That one pic looked like Broccoli. The 8th pic down.


I hope so but it really looks just like the Bok Choy unless I doubled up on the broccoli lol.
I planted another flat of the broccoli to confirm.
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March 6th - March 8th

I don't know how the hell I could have done this but after up potting the Waltham Broccoli I thought they looked like cabbage. A few days later and I'm almost 100% sure it is Bok Choy. I somehow planted two flats of Bok Choy, so I went back and counted the seeds in the packet and the numbers are consistent with me planting both the Bok Choy and the Waltham broccoli. Although it's too late to start broccoli, I planted 6 more cells of the Broccoli to see if I screwed up, or the seeds are mis-labeled. I'm either gonna be Peeved at Seeds Now or peeved at myself, so either way I'm gonna be peeved!

  • Jimmy Nardello. These guys just appeared. One minute they weren't there, the next minute they're an inch tall. Well that's the way it seems anyway.

  • Corno Di Toro Giallo (Yellow)

  • Corno Di Toro Rosso (Red)

  • Basil germinated

  • Potted up the Maypop to a one gallon container, This thing is growing like it's on steroids!

  • Waltham Broccoli, or is it lol.

  • Listada De Gangia eggplant.

I have been getting a bit frustrated with this years seeds, nothing sprouted from the, Acongua pepper, Red Marconi, Tabasco, California Wonder or the Poblano, 3/10 will have been two weeks. I'm not too concerned if the Acongua or Red Marconi do not germinate. My concerns are the California Wonder and Poblano, I love these two peppers, these were planted from saved seeds. I'm doing a germination test using saved seeds for the Poblano and saved seeds and packet seeds for the California wonders 3/8/18.

The Black Beauty and Fengyuan Eggplan will be one week 3/8. Black Beauty was planted from saved seeds and the Fengyuan from Packet seeds. I'm not too concerned with the Fengyuan but I'm doing a germination test using saved seeds and packet seeds on the Black Beauty 3/8/18.

Nothing from my saved Licorice Basil either.

Little disappointed in my Leeks also, the leeks had maybe 3 sprouts in each pot so out of frustration I ended up dumping the whole packet in the 4" pots.

I lost 6 of my Bok Choy in the small starter trays, they should have been uppotted, these plants suck up a bit more water and the cells are just too small to hold enough soil and water for them.

March 9th - March 11th

I broadcast seeded some Poblano and California Wonders in 4" pots. 3/9

  • Saturday I saw a few sprouts from the Black Beauty

  • Sunday morning I decided to check my seeds for germination

  • I had one Black Beauty from my saved seeds germinate.

  • The Maypops and this one Artichoke are growing nicely.

March 11th

  • I left the Bok Choy in the tray and some are coming back.

Checked my Germination tests and had a Cal Wonder from my harvested seeds germinate, an eggplant from my packet seeds and still nothing from my poblanos. I also had one of the Fengyuan eggplant seeds germinate that was planted on 3/3 but it doesn't look good
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