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Great photoes and plants! Would like some seeds in the future to try here if they are available
1 kg=2.2 lb , 1 m=39,37 in , 1 oz=28.35 g , 1 ft=30.48 cm , 1 lb= 0,4536 kg , 1 in=2.54 cm , 1 l = 0.26 gallon , 0 C=32 F

Andrey a.k.a. TOMATODOR
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Originally Posted by Andrey_BY View Post
Great photoes and plants! Would like some seeds in the future to try here if they are available
I'd be happy to send you as many as you'd like. PM me your address and give me an idea of how many and what you'd like to try - dwarf hunting or looking for something worthwhile from some that have already been selected for micros - fine leaf - fuzzy leaf.
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Wow Andrey, I just checked your weather and it is colder than mine - i am headed to Dominican Republic for a week to get away - I gave away 50+ plants this week - have to get ready and make room for my regular summer plants - prob grow 100 outside indeterminate's, determinant's, and dwarfs along with Dan's Micro Floral's that last into the summer and then i will resow some of Dan's seeds in late summer to grow inside for winter.
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Wow Pete! That's a lot of plants! Have a great vacation!

Dfollet thanks for the clarification re culling. I have one F3 but 3 F4's so I guess I didn't need to seed so heavily for the cull. I have a bunch of great plants now at least! Those seeds germinated so well. Thx also for the leaf name clarification too because wispy isn't the right word. Mine are quite robust, just carrot like. Very pretty, very healthy. I will keep you updated.
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I have a few microdwarfs going in the greenhouse right now. I have a cherry of Dan's, a multi-flora of Dan's, and Aztec. My weather has been cold, the greenhouse is only marginally heated, and I can see the plants suffering from the cold temps...except the multi-flora. I have no idea why, but it seems to be showing much greater tolerance to the cold.

Here are two pics from today of the MF:
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