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Old February 25, 2018   #16
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When I plant seeds the seeds are in cells I cant separate them.
I always have some seeds sprout in 5 days or less.
I see no reason not to just turn the lights on their cycle and be done with it in the beginning.
Another reason is wasn't always around to check to see if anything sprouted.
Personally I feel better if that first seed coming out of the soil sees light as soon as it can.
Never and I mean never do I have leggy seedlings.
Nature doesn't shut off light till seeds sprout why should I.
Next I can waste electricity if I want, it is mine I bought and payed for it and can do with it as I choose.
Home of Cactus Flats Botanical Gardens.
I kill my lobster with a 30-06.
But of course I live in Texas and the dam things are huge.
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Old February 25, 2018   #17
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Rock on, Worth. Not a thing wrong with it.
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If you're growing plants you aren't wasting electricity, but your plants might cost more.
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Having the lights on is not necessary for germination but it sure helps me to see when the seeds are starting to sprout and since I only have a very small set-up the electricity use is so minimal that it's not even worth mentioning.
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