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Default If you could only grow one variety.....

what would it be and why?

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Something black. Deep, earthly favor, juicy and sweet.
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Sungold F1.

They are enjoyable at many stages of ripeness, it is almost like you're growing 3 varieties in 1. If I want tart, I'll pick earlier, a nice mix of sweet, fruity, and tangy, pick a bit later and if I want fruity, completely full of sweetness pick dead ripe. And production is wonderful.
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The red beefsteaks my grandfather grew till he died about 20 years ago at the age of 97. They where from seeds passed down to him and saved every year for nearly four generations by him. They where delicious and juicy and they where fresh on the table every day that they where in season. My grandmother canned and made juice for each of her seven children's families every year. Those red beefsteaks where probably the only tomatoes I tasted till I was in my teens and they are still the flavor I am hoping for every time I bite into a variety I have never tasted. Alas the line died with him and nobody ever found seeds from his last garden but if I could grow only one that would be it.
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Mortgage Lifter.
They taste good productive even in warmer weather.
Home of Cactus Flats Botanical Gardens.
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But of course I live in Texas and the dam things are huge.
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In my climate, am kind of limited, but Big Beef would be a good choice for me.
You'll be surprised what you never have to do if you put it off long enough.
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Rose de Berne, it's both
delicious, and productive.

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Nope, I can't do that and here's why.

In the past I've been asked to list my top 20 or 10 favorite tomato varieties, but never just one, and I've never answered those requests since almost every year a new one comes along that displaces one on the previous list.

The problem for me is that it's a proverbial moving target.

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Originally Posted by marc_groleau View Post
Rose de Berne
Delicious, and productive.

Marc are you choosing 2? "Delicious" is a variety also!

Just teasing...

Hard to choose just one.

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Estler's Mortgage Lifter. I might have alternate years with Stump of the World, Box Car Willie and an occasional year of the somewhat stingy but delicious Brandywine Sudduth. Only one each year but maybe not the same one each year.
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Chapman, and Sungold
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I used to say Black Krim. Years later I have to say Early Girl. I like the flavor having eaten this tomato from the garden my whole existence. I didn't say I love it like I love Black Krim or Big Beef or Beefmaster or Brandywine or so many others. It's just that I am very familiar with EG and the good all around workhorse utility of her production and size and versatility.

I have never had a garden without EG. I would feel lost without her. I read about Dry Farmed EG a couple years ago and the last two years I have rarely watered EG seeking a taste of the hype. The blazing heat of July and August here prohibits full on dry farming but I have tasted more tomato the more I have stressed this variety.

Thanks to 2mnyrzs here at Tomatoville I now have Dirty Girl OP version of EG so I am set for the apocalypse. I also have some of Joseph's Landracers coming in the mail so I am not worried about tomato seeds ever again.

I hope to have my own landracers in the coming years and you can bet EG genetics are gonna be in there one way or another.

I actually plan to vacation in Cali one year just to get my hands on some dry farmed EG's.

Can eat EG right off the vine. Slice EG. Freeze EG. Can EG. Salads or sammich with EG. Salsa with EG. Olive oil and sea salt with EG.

Earliness and good flavor alongside versatility is what I look for and if you know another variety that can beat her in these three traits send me a pm or better yet send me seeds!

I do want the bloody butcher x Brandywine cross...that is one that I think might give EG a run for the money.

EG=Jill of all trades Mistress of Early
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Most likely a Roma or other paste tomato. I can a lot of sauce.
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Yes! Delicious IS not only "delicious" but huge as well---I also have grown the British version of "Delicious" and found the two to be exactly the same.

And Marc---Rose de Berne is a keeper as well! :>)

Tomato Lady upstate NY
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Default Easy choice....

black cherry of course!
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