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Default 19.99 Greenhouse!

Well just got back from ALDI's grocery store and I left with my first greenhouse, I need one now that I'm starting my seeds, its not very big 27.36 X 20.08 X63 high. It has 4 shelf's and a green mesh plastic that covers the metal frame and a zippered entrance along with grommets to allow you to secure the greenhouse. No I didn't take a pic its still in the box we have 5" of snow on the ground. I'll get the greenhouse up next week, then I can give my seedling short 1/2hr to start exposure to the sun. Saw the same greenhouse last week for 33.00 so I jumped on this one. It may not last more that 2 or 3 yrs but by then I'll know better what I want in my next greenhouse.
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Looks pretty similar to one that I have, although mine is just clear plastic, not green mesh. Mine worked pretty well, although I did need to tweak a few things in terms of setup, including zip-tying the wire shelves to their support bars.
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I have a couple of these as well, and I set them up indoors with lights to start seeds and grow plants until they are ready to transplant. I've had mine for 3 or 4 years and they have served me well. Mine have clear plastic as well.
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Yeah, I had one really similar, it wasn't bad for getting a jump on the season with. I had to put heavy things on the bottom shelf because I was worried about a random strong gust of wind.

If it has the little fencing wire shelves then it's almost identical to mine. I took zip ties and zipped the shelves to the poles on the ends of the greenhouse, they kept popping up on me..

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I had a few, too.

Aside from what others said, really be careful with the weight...they're not very strong and I had one collapse .

But they're really good to get a jump outdoors as long as you keep downsides in mind. That's a GREAT price! I paid more than that 10 years ago.
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I bought 2 of those last year from Aldi's. For some reason, the plants in those greenhouse were much paler in color than the ones in the clear and the opaque greenhouses. I am not sure I will use them this year.
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Speaking from experience -- tie them down or you'll be crying over toppled greenhouses and scattered seedlings on the first windy day! Weights on the bottom shelves won't be enough to hold them down. I run paracord up from the ground, over the third shelf, then back to the ground, and they stay put.

Also, use them through the hardening off phase, then pack them away or the summer sun will literally bake the plastic cover to the frame and make it crunchy is some spots.

I set mine up in mid-April then pack them up at the end of May after the peppers and eggplants go out to the garden. I can get at least four to five years out of them if I don't leave them up any longer than necessary.
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