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Default Mimosa pudica, germination tips

Hello everyone,

I recently acquired a lot of seeds from China. My 1st round of germ was done during our "winter" and outdoors, sort of a see how they do. Didn't go so well, and those were intended as Xmas plant gifts. So now I'm attempting a 2nd round.

My hope is putting them through the tomato seed awakening protocol should suffice, then again...

I'm sure some of you have grown this "sensitive" plant, lots of info online, yet somehow I trust my TV brethren more.

Any tips on how to improve germination for these seeds?
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My experience is to pour just-short-of-boiling water on the seeds and let them sit for 20 minute before planting them wherever you want to plant them. This greatly increases germination success!
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Try scratching the seed coats.

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