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Default Help with my single tomatillo

I was given a lone tomatillo plant by my next door neighbor. I love this plant - it is beautiful! And I love tomatillos - I cook with them in season. As this is my first year gardening, I did not know I needed 2 tomatillo plants. My neighbor was trying tomatillos for the first time, and only 3 seedlings made it from her seeds.

After reading about the plants here, and realizing I need at least 2, I am wondering
1) can I manually pollinate my tomatillos with one of hers?
2) should I try to take a stem cutting and root it ?(never done that)
3) if I do pollinate my tomatillos and get fruit, should I move those plants out of main garden so the plants don't take over? (pretty sure this should happen) do large tomatillo plants transplant well?
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