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General discussion regarding the techniques and methods used to successfully grow tomato plants in containers.

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I have so much to learn about container gardening. My first attempt has been fun. Spacing - I thought I had that figured out with two rows, but I was wrong. I have tomato plants growing too close together at 3.5' apart and the rows being 5' apart. My health played a major roll in that. I should have had the bigger cages already built and I should have kept the plants trimmed. I wasn't able to do either.

The different mixes sounded like a good thing to experiment with, and I'm glad I did. I saw next to no difference. What I have noticed is not what wanted. The tomatoes don't taste right. Sungold tastes nothing like those grown in ground. The taste difference is enough to make me not want to grow tomatoes again - and yet, I want to improve the mixes and make them taste right.

As I have written all along, I'm letting you know my experience in container gardening.
Salt, AlittleSalt, Robert
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