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Default Early, Sweet Micros?

Planning for next year... I've grown lots of micro-dwarfs, but few that I've tried are both early and sweet. I think I've found the premier large almost-micro -- Linda (Ukraine), but it tastes like a regular slicing tomato. Great for salads and a real treat after a winter of grocery toms. So I want something for my sweet tooth.

Maybe the sweetest I've grown is fully-ripe Rejina Red, but not especially early for me. Vilma is pretty good -- fairly sweet, medium early, and a pretty large cherry. Red Robin is pretty early, fairly large, but not so sweet (I think Vilma is a better choice for these characteristics). The "tumblers" can be large and sweet, but not particularly early. So I'm still looking!

Any you would recommend? Anything from Dan Follett's developing lines that fits this description?


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