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That doesn't look like TSWV to me; but it manifests itself in several ways. I would just keep a close eye on the new growth. A definite signal that an earlier indication of TSWV will be found in the new growth within two weeks. The new growth will be curled and stunted looking with almost seared. The edges of the leaves on the new growth will have a slightly burned look and growth of the plant will almost stop it will be so slow. Don't panic and pull out a perfectly healthy plant just because you suspect TSWV. Make sure that is what you are dealing with before taking that drastic action. If the plant is large and has nice fruit on it I never pull them until the fruit has a chance to blush even if they definitely have TSWV. However with young immature plants TSWV means you might as well replace it as soon as you can because it isn't going to produce much if anything.

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