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Default Jack Seeds

Cannot find the original post/thread about it here.But curiosity as usual made me do it.Not for the maters,but the corn selection fits nice married to my new STAINLESS STEEL WHISKEY STILL.State dependent laws allow home brewing up my case 4 gallons.Now time to harvest some of my Black Strap Mollasas Cane for my own rum.Been to China,their seed production,greenhouse and agricultural systems are quite advanced.They gots to feed a whole bunch of people.
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Isn't Jack Seeds one of the companies that sell photo-shopped multicolored tomatoes, strawberries and roses?
I would not spend any penny on such a vendor..

PS. There are also legit Chinese seeds available on-line, I have bought some veggies as well.
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This is the thread you are referring to

Also, I agree with Narnian - No way would I spend money with this vendor. I'd buy on Ebay or Amazon well before I'd ever buy from Jack's
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