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Default cold frame tomatoes?

I have a few ealy tomatoes ready to go into my coldframe. Czech's Bush has buds and Orange 1 and Earliana are very close too. We are in the middle of calving and I dought DH will finish my cold frame in the next week.
Can I keep them in 4" pots awhile longer w/o hurting production?
Should I put them into their final containers now and leave them inside?
I have never had tomatoes in the cold frame before and as these were not under lights and only get 4-6 hours of south window sunshine, I was hoping they would grow slower. They have been in 4" pots for a long time and I don't think they shoud be root bound.
They are about 10-11" high and look good. Still in soiless mix and no fertilizer yet...
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I don't know a thing about planting tomatoes in a cold frame but seems to me if I had tomatoes that large I and couldn't get them out I would put them in larger pot(especially if there was a chance it might be more than a week as seems to be in your case). I would even give them some fertilizer but I would have given fertilizer before now anyway.
No expert help here, have only been really growing the last 4 years or so.
I could spend all day here!
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