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General discussion regarding the techniques and methods used to successfully grow tomato plants in containers.

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Default smalest containers- biggest tomatos


what is the smallest container for a good tomato yieald?
there will be no problem with water -driping for every plant and granolar fertilaizer
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Anything smaller than 5 gallons will restrict root growth and subsequently, yield.

This excludes varieties developed for containers, for example Patio F1, Tumbler F1, Tiny Tim F1, etc. I'm certain there are plenty of OP varieties that are also suited for this.

I grow only cherry varieties in 5 gallon corn syrup pails. Last season, I grew a cherry variety named Morning Light F1 (from Territorial Seeds) in a 5 gallon pail and it became an 8 foot monster.

Huge yield - too bad the fruits were mealy and bland.

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How well did those cherries produce? I did put Silvery Fur Tree, Sophies Choice, New Big Dwarf, Golden Dwarf Champion, and Lime Green salad in 5 gallon pails. Right now, they seem to be doing very well.
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I grew Polish Dwarf in a 2 gallon pot last season and it produced pretty well. But I wouldn't try an indeterminate in this pot
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