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Default Indoor lights or patio for new seedlings

I'm starting another batch of seedlings and they've just sprouted, so my question is this - Do I keep babying them inside under the grow light (I've got a pretty good grow light) or do I simply transfer them outside to begin hardening off and repot them. Right now they're about 7 days from seed and about 90% have sprouted.

I'm located in zone 8A and were getting temps anywhere from low 90's to lows of about 60's - the main problem I see would be wind.
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I'd bounce them back and forth.
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7 days isn't long, and yes, wind will be a problem - potentially a big problem. I'd keep them indoors most of the time, maybe with short visits outside, and no full sun yet. Do you have a fan on them indoors? You should.

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I would start the hardening off process. 2 hours first day, then increase 2 hours each day and leave then outside the fourth day. They need some shielding from strong winds if possible. With those high temps be sure to keep them well hydrated.
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I even start mine at this time of year on the porch railing. It gets direct sun for about 6 hours as it faces east, then shadier in the afternoon. The wind is my helper, making stems strong, and no hardening off.
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