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Default Kath - Thank-You!

The seeds you sent me are doing very well! I think it is nice to get feedback so, here it is, for you Kath and for any interested Tomatovillians whose info I have absorbed and am trying to use properly.

As well as the 8 varieties I got from you I also ordered a few from Tania, after reading through many threads here at Tvl. That is how I have ended up with so many. I swear, next year less! The mounting years make me feel as if I may not have enough time to try all those I want to grow.

I didn't really expect nearly 99% of the seeds to germinate but they did. Dwarfs were started first, at the end of February.

One month later they were put out in the garage under lights where it was so cool that even 0-33 turned purple. Seedlings sure got their cold treatment.

Dwarfs too, looking a bit cold. Makes me remember mom yelling at us to, "get out of the water your lips are turning blue!".

All that cold kept them from getting too stretched, that and the sunblaster lights. I used those and the coiled fluorescents. I like the Sunblasters for their small size and interconnectability.
Toms greened up nicely once it got a bit warmer and they went outside into my makeshift greenhouse/tarphouse.

A couple of weeks prior to planting them into their final containers (5gal + pots) I fill the pots and put them into the tarphouse to warm up and help keep everything warmer at night. There is also a garbage bin of water in with them to help with that.
At the end of April I started planting them into their pots, here, in a small low tunnel on a bench.

Here we are today. All are planted including two Paul Robeson someone gave me. As if I didn't have enough!
Sweet Sue and Rosella Purple along with Gregori's Altai and Camapari(3) all have their first flower buds showing.
I am wondering if Sweet Sue which is supposed to be a late producer has been influenced by the cold to bloom earlier?

In my Mickey Mouse Tarphouse.

The tunnel. They are nice and cosy in there for now. Plants will be broken out as weather improves.

Back in April.
Tunnel looks big but the further (left) tarp house is larger. If I had a real greenhouse I'd be dangerous! And probably hurt myself.

Lots of plants have been given away. Got a few spares left that will also be given to friends or thrift shops.
Had tons of fruit last year for friends and family. Looks like the food bank will also benefit this year.

A big thanks to people for posting their pics of problems. I bought one plant this year from a feed/garden store. It had blotchy lower leaves I thought would be due to lack of nitrogen as I did not see any insects on it. Still, I kept it segregated and a good thing I did! Last week I found it had aphids! Aphids under those blotchy leaves, between the veins. A type of aphid that is new to me as of last year.They got DE'd. Next will be a preventive spray for PM.

I shared an article about powdery mildew of tomatoes needing a host to be present as our winter cold would kill off any spores in the garden. A question my friend had stayed at the back of my mind until I looked at that store bought plant and thought AHA! THAT'S where the powdery mildew could easily originate. No way that plant is ever going to see my other ones!

Thank-You again, Kath and all Tomatovillians who post and share their growing experiences.

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Everything looks great!
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Thanks Randal. That's what I keep telling them. So far, so good.
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Just saw this thread- thank you for the feedback, info and pics! You put in so much effort to get them off to a great start- hope your season is going well.

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