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Default Grow Bag for full-size Indeterminate cherry?

I think I would like to try to grow a couple of IND cherries in grow bags. I've never done that, using Earth Boxes only for dwarfs and smaller indeterminates My Idea would be to use the bag inside large cages for support (18" on a side). I would have to add an extension to the cage since I would lose the height of the bag in the cage. (I could partially bury the grow bag?) The idea would be to leave the bags in place, for ease of use. Aside... this reminds me a bit of an article I read in Organic Gardening many years a go where a trash bag was filled with a soil mix and buried in the desert-like conditions in New Mexico (IIRC).

Anyway, how big of a grow bag would be useful? 10 gallon? I don't want to have to water them more than once a day, same as an Earth Box. Alternatively, I could build a raised bed and fill it with planting mix. What do you think?

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Ricky Shaw
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The watering is also going to depend on the mix and climate in addition to plant habit. I grew F1 Sweet Million and Sungold last year in 10,15,20 fabrics with PromixHP and water soluble ferts. These hybrids were not pruned and were vigorous plants with abundant fruit and the 10's could not make it on one watering on the hottest days. This year I have 4 Sungold, two are in 15 gal fabrics and two are in white 10gal plastic grow bags which run slightly hotter on soil temps, but lose less to evaporation.

A healthy large cherry tomato plant can be grown to excellent production in a 15gal fabric, this I know as fact. I don't think I'd go smaller than a 10gal without automated fertigation.
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