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Default Stunted growth?

Hi all,
I don't post much, but there is a situation with my tomatoes that you may be able to help me with.
Background: This is my third year growing in containers. Each year has been an improvement on the last. All containers are SIPs of varying types. All are working as expected as far as wicking, and healthy plants go.

Hopefully there is a picture here.

The problem each year has been my indeterminates (big beef) only set fruit for the first 4 feet of growth. After that they get kind of scrawny looking and the blossoms just dry up and fall off. This year I tried to correct this by upping the fertilizer (TTF). This has had a positive effect on the entire garden as a whole, but I still have the same problem with the big beef.
My solution so far has been to increase the nitrogen ferts by hitting them with some Miracle Grow (I know), and since then (about a week) the plants look better at the tops, but it's too soon to tel if it's a fix.
What do you think?
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