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Default Planting in agricultural fabric

How do you all quickly plant garlic (or anything else) in holes in ag fabric? Making the holes and dropping in the garlic is easy, but I find covering the hole to be a bit slow, especially if the hole is small.

And this is much worse if I'm planting large tomato (or other) seedlings.
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Hello Salaam

Once you work with the Agricultural Fabric of any kind " I say any kind because I use black plastic of many different varieties and have not written that company for funding yet or told them of my success". But once you start using the Black .Agricultural Fabric on a regular base' you will find different ways of cutting your "opening" with different crops and Varieties of Tomatoes and Vegetables. My Large Great White tomatoes do best in the heat with a Native Americans secret of Morning Glory growth that I am cutting away now. I will place Agricultural Fabric down; using just a long cut to the middle to fit eact Plant that are about 7 feet tall. Placing a netting around them as the plants began to flower, with the Bees doing their Pollination Dance for protection.

For my Winter Squash Varieties I never use any holes in the Agricultural Fabric, just line the Fabric on each side of the Squash Plants.
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