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Default Thought on the New Earthbox Root and Veg?

I picked up the new Earthbox to try, and so far my opinion is mixed. I'm using the box for chard now, but I hope to use it for a single tomato plant.

I like the configuration and dimensions, but I'm concerned the internal components are too flimsy to hold the weight of that much soil. There is not enough surface area to distribute that weight. I also think the construction of the box's tray and watering tube seems less sturdy than the original box.

I'm concerned about the volume of the water reservoir. Every time I go to fill, the water just immediately pours out the drainage hole. The issue? The water tube does not set down in the bottom of the box like the original box. It doesn't fit firmly in at assembly, it is meant to float above in a small grove and doesn't snap into place. So you cannot be sure it is in the right position once you've filled with soil, and it moves. I'm constantly worried the water is flowing right out the drainage pipe instead of into the reservoir.

The plants struggled a bit the first few weeks until I began top watering as well. That's a long distance for the seedling roots to travel to reach the reservoir. I wonder if I will have to water more frequently once they finally get there?

Finally, although more upright, the box is a substantial size, and begs for a caster set up almost more than the original box does. I cannot believe there isn't a wheels or trellis option. It really needs one.

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