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Default Some older varieties...

Big Beef, Mat-Su Express, and Brandy Boy seem to be the current varieties that have garnered a lot of interest at TV.

But I'm curious -- I rarely read about Pruden's Purple or Delicious here. I haven't grown either in quite a few years. but thinking about PP for this summer. Both are older OP varieties, and did really well for me. From memory, Delicious was very similar to Big Boy, but BB was more uniform and smoother. I never got a Delicious that was over a pound, but they were large. PP was quite a bit like Brandywine, but earlier.

Has anyone grown these varieties recently?

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I stopped growing Prudens Purple this year. For quite a while it was a favorite, but for two years now, the fruits were full of hard, dry, white stuff. I don't know if my seed supply has gone genetically bad, or if my growing conditions have altered, but when and if I try it again, I'll get some fresh seed from somewhere. I actually prefer Dester, anyway. And right now I have so many new ones to try... space and time are limited!
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I have not grown Delicious and my Pruden's Purple got ate up with RKN and Fusarium Wilt before they ever had a chance. I have grown Livingston's Favorite and Magnus. Both were good. I grow Porter every year too.
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Here's a thread on Delicious. I plan to grow this one next year, hopefully.
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I loved the taste of Pruden's Purple and it grew very well for me. Unlike many people, I actually prefer tomatoes that are under a pound, so I probably won't grow it again.

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Pruden's Purple is a wonderful tomato that I grow every few years. I think that it is one that will always be coming back into the rotation.
I have grown Delicious twice and only have gotten one or two tomatoes each time. All of them about a pound. Nice taste but certainly unproductive for me. Maybe I need to try another seed source, but for now this one is off of my grow list.
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I grew Delicious last year and just planted a Pruden's Purple. Delicious did wonderfully despite being in a shaded spot. It was the workhorse of my garden last year and my aunt and uncle loved it. The Delicious tolerated all sorts of diseases and pests, while all of its neighbors died off. The squirrels loved it too until it discovered Stump of the World (didn't get to try any of it).

The taste was slightly above average, but leaps better than the average store bought hybrid. It's reliable for sure and I'll plant it again someday.
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I've grown Pruden's Purple for a couple of years in a row & have small seedlings going again this year. We like them.
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