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Default Harvest almost fully ripe fruits for sauce?

I've got a pound of pink oxhearts that I would really love to cook into a sauce today. I need a bit more. There are a several fruits on the plant that are almost fully ripe, just a bit of orange on the shoulders. Can I pick these to use for a pasta sauce, or will they not taste correct.

I realize this may not get me answers in time, but I figured it couldn't hurt trying.

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I know it's recommended to throw in some un ripe fruit when making jelly and jam, but I would hesitate to waste good tomatoes on sauce until they are fully ripe.

I have one paste tomato plant which is producing lightly. I plan to freeze as they ripen, skin and all, adding to the same ziplock bag. When it is worthy of making a batch I will thaw them out.

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It's fine. One year, due to continuous rain tomatoes were splitting badly. I had to to something or else they would have rotten. Sauce turned out fine really. Maybe a bit more sour.
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It is fine. I've done it often.
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