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Default Enchantment tomato

Does anyone have info on this one or even seed? Willing to swap or trade for it
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The following site says this:

"Enchantment – Breeder and vendor: Petoseed. Characteristics: fresh market, home garden type. 1991."

Dave's Garden says it's an indeterminate, red, medium-sized, midseason, multipurpose, plum tomato, and an American hybrid with VFN resistance. Reviews seem to think it's exceptionally tasty and more heat-tolerant than Celebrity F1.

Two reviewers really seemed to like it and think it was a heavy producer:

The following sites sell it and say it's early, 3oz, and VFFN:

This site agrees with the above two:

Here's a Tomatoville thread:

This site says it's 70 days, very sweet, good for drying (like Dave's Garden did, which I implied in that 'all-purpose' part), humidity and heat-tolerant, and good for midwest climates but can handle longer seasons in other climates:

So, I'm left to conclude that this is the true data:

Enchantment F1 VFFN—70 days, red, 4oz, plum-shape, very prolific, very tasty and sweet, all-purpose, heat/humidity-tolerant, bred by Petoseed, 1991.

No major vendors seem to offer it. It seems to have been more popular once upon a time.

If you're just looking for a very prolific OP red plum tomato about the same size with durable fruits, try Napoli—but Enchantment F1 sounds like it may be more tasty, and less of a paste type than Napoli.

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I used to grow this back about 15-20 years ago. Got my plants from the Houston Men's Gardeners'Bear Creek Plant sale. They were 4 oz. Ovals. Don't remember the taste. I replaced it with Heidi. I seem to remember that Park offered seeds.

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